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Convention, workshop, professional event
Our skills :


  • Research of the right place
  • Advice and support of the association
  • Coordination with local institutions
  • Manage lodging and transportation
  • Press and public relation services
  • Communications tools : internet, paper, leaflet,…
  • Manage the budget
  • Search of partnerships
  • Gala evening
  • Handle a request for proposal

Expertise, Reactivite, Innovation
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Manage convention 
Today, we are organizing the 33rd convention of Health and Work in Lille from march the 3rd to june the 6th 2014 : 3000 delegates, 140 exhibitors, a partnership club, 200 firms testimonies…

Our team step in this event at different levels : general implantation, conferences and symposiums, commercial state control, lodging, mobile applications, communication,…

This new edition center on 3 steps :
- A scientific convention which is the hot spot of professionals meetings around health at work
-  A convention where firms discover new solutions for a good health at work
-  An event that is open to everyone so you can exchange on your knowledge